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Promotional items are meant to set you apart from your competitors and help you build your brand, so why would you give away the same types of items that every other company in Canada distributes? If you want your company to stand out and get noticed, you need to choose custom promotional items that will be useful to those who receive them. Frequent use means that your brand logo will be seen as much as possible, greatly increasing the likelihood that an individual will remember your company in the future. Among all of the many types of promotional items available to help companies in Canada meet their marketing needs, few products offer the types of benefits that custom logo cases can.

All About Custom Logo Cases

So just what are custom logo cases? In short, a custom logo case is a promotional item that serves as an accessory for a mobile device. Options include items like hard covers, sleeves and skins designed for cell phones and tablets. Depending on the type of case, the promotional item may cover the screen of the device, the body of the device or the entire device, shielding it from various types of damage. Most people use some type of protective cases for their mobile devices, making custom cases a very useful promotional item. The custom logo design featured on the case serves as an ongoing reminder of the organization that distributes the case and slowly builds brand awareness over time.

Varieties of Custom Cases

Custom logo cases come in many different styles and varieties. One of the things that separates case designs from one another are their dimensions and the placements of the holes in their bodies. The dimensions and hole placement arrangements determine which type of device a particular case will fit. Depending on who your target market is, you can choose from iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy designs. Covers and cases for various versions of the iPad, the Galaxy and the Nexus tablet are also available.

Using Custom Cases

How do businesses in Canada use custom mobile device cases? The possibilities are virtually endless. Cases are suitable for distributing at all types of events where you would traditionally hand out merchandise, including networking events, community festivals, trade shows, conferences and conventions. You can give out a custom logo case as a prize, an employee incentive, a customer thank you gift or a charitable donation. Nearly anyone can find use for a mobile device case, so you'll find that customised cases have very broad appeal among people of all ages.

Advantages of CustomLogoCases

There is truly no better source for custom case designs than CustomLogoCases. We have the biggest selection of cases available for customisation with something for every budget. Our prices are guaranteed to be the absolute lowest; find a better deal for a product of identical quality, and we'll beat it, no questions asked. We even offer free artwork design to ensure that your logo looks great on your promotional items.



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