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Import & Distribution


Import & Distribution Services for Custom Logo Cases

Import & Distribution Services


We can cover all your importing and distribution. We can ship them to anywhere in the world, or multiple places. We have a range of options to suit your needs.


Importing & Distribution 


We ship direct to you from our factories accross China. This allows for us to give you lower prices, and it also allows low priced importation to most countries around the world. We do this daily, and so can advise on the best way to import your cases. Whether slow sea-freight or express air freight, we can offer all types of importation to match your needs.


Warehousing & Pick and Pack 




Do you have divisions in different cities, states or even countries? We can part ship to all your destinations in different countries around the world. 

Or do you want to send your cases on a per item basis? If so, we can warehouse and pick and pack your cases. We have a huge secure facility in which we can pick and pack your cases and send anywhere in the world for extremely low prices. This is beneficial if you want to send to different countries and if you want cheap warehousing and distribution services.




It's easy, all you need to do is

1 - Get in touch with us via any 'enquiry' or 'quote' button, or checkout with the product that you have chosen 

2 - We get back to you quickly, answer your questions and create/finalise your artwork

3 - You place the order directly with your contact

4 - We make and send your customised products

Enquire now, we can also assist you with selecting the best solution for your needs