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We make a large range of wholesale Custom Cases and Covers for all popular devices. Contact us now about custom and bulk wholesale cases and covers

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If you're looking for wholesale cases then you've come to the right place. We make a large range of wholesale custom cases for all popular mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. 

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More and more people are using smartphones and tablet computers on a daily basis for work, school and play. For retailers, selling accessories for mobile devices is an excellent way to increase sales, add new cross-selling opportunities and expand your inventory. Custom Logo Cases makes it easy for online and brick and mortar retailers to offer phone cases and tablet cases to customers that are finely crafted and one of a kind with a wide range of wholesale cases and covers.

What Are Wholesale Cases and Covers?

Wholesale cases and covers are smartphone cases and tablet cases that are sold at a reduced price to retailers who have the intention of selling them at a marked up price to their customers. At Custom Logo Cases, we custom design our wholesale cases and covers. This means that we'll work with you to create cases and covers with logos, emblems or graphics that appeal to your target demographic. Your custom cases and covers will be exclusive to your store, allowing you to differentiate yourself from competitors that sell similar products.

Decoration Styles for Wholesale Cases and Covers

When you choose to purchase wholesale cases and covers from Custom Logo Cases, the decorations that are custom designed for your cases or covers can be added to the case or cover that you choose in different ways. The options include:

- Printing. Printed wholesale cases and covers have full color artwork that is produced using ink and one of a few different types of printing methods. Hard plastic polycarbonate, gel plastic thermoplastic polyurethane TPU, vegan polyurethane leather, genuine leather and neoprene can all be printed.

- Embossing. Embossed wholesale cases and covers have logos or graphics stamped onto their surfaces, so that they are the same color as the cases or covers but add texture to the designs. Genuine and vegan leather wholesale cases and covers can be embossed.

- Engraved. Engraved wholesale cases and covers have artwork graphics etched into their surfaces using laser engraving systems. The precise, highly detailed artwork shows up as a dark color that is cut into the wood. Wooden and bamboo wholesale cases and covers can be finished with engraving.

Customization with any of these decoration styles are offered free of charge with compatible wholesale cases and covers, and we do not charge for our graphic design services either.

The Lowest Prices on Wholesale Cases and Covers

At Custom Logo Cases, we can make wholesale cases and covers for all models of smartphones and tablets. Our bulk pricing maximizes savings by allowing you to have the same case or cover produced for multiple devices all for one price. Shipping is also free of charge to locations worldwide, and we offer a no hassle low price beat guarantee to ensure you get the absolute best price when you shop with us. Our wholesale cases and covers experts will even help you select the right cases or covers to suit your budget and appeal most to your ideal online or brick and mortar customers.



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