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We provide custom logo cases for all brands of smartphone, cellphone, tablet and laptop.

We provide solutions for thousands of businesses and schools around the world, from promotional merchandise to school tablet cases through to staff smartphone cases.

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Planning your promotional giveaways to help market your business in your community or to prospects all around the world? Choosing mobile device accessories for giveaway items is a smart way to set your company apart from your competitors. At all types of events, most companies tend to give away basic items that have very basic utility. In a sea of pens, keychains and similar trinkets, mobile device accessories truly stand out, providing something the attendees at events can truly use. Among all of the items available for marketing with promotional mobile device accessories, custom universal tablet cases and custom universal tablet covers are among the most versatile options.

Custom universal tablet cases and covers are protective accessories that are used to protect tablet computers from scratches and breakage. Their universal design allows them to fit any model of tablet computer rather than a select design. For businesses that attend a variety of events over the course of a year and market to people across a wide variety of ages and income levels, logo universal tablet covers and cases are a smart choice, as they can offer something for everyone regardless of what type of tablet they use for events.

When you purchase custom universal tablet covers and cases from Custom Logo Cases, we can handle everything from designing the logo or graphic to use on the case or cover to printing it for you at no cost. We have a large selection of logo universal tablet covers and cases available with options to suit every marketing budget.


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