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Custom tough cases and covers are the most protective cases and covers that are available for tablets and smartphones today. Very popular with schools and corporations that want the best possible solution for protecting their organization-owned property, these custom tough covers and cases can be made to fit any model of mobile device that you desire. The custom tough cases and covers can make smart promotional giveaway items for specific types of prospects, and they are an excellent wholesale cases and covers product for retailers to add to their inventories.

What Are Custom Tough Cases and Covers?

Custom tough cases and covers provide two types of protection for mobile devices because they have an innovative dual layer design. The exteriors of the custom tough covers and cases are polycarbonate plastic, a material that is rigid to provide physical strength and a high degree of scratch protection. Beneath the polycarbonate is a layer of thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU. This gel material acts as a cushion to absorb shocks if tablets or smartphones are dropped.

Benefits of Custom Tough Covers and Cases

For users of cell phones and tablets, custom tough cases and covers are highly appealing and provide many benefits. The custom tough covers and cases feature:

- Strongest Protection. Because of their unbeatable level of protection, custom tough cases and covers allow users to feel confident that their devices are safe when they're on the go. This is especially valuable to people who invest in the latest mobile devices, such as the iPhone 6.

- Easy Grip Design. All of our custom tough covers and cases are designed to enhance the grip either with a rubberized coating that increases friction or special edging that fits easily in your grasp. The easy-to-grip design helps to keep cell phones and tablets from slipping and also reduces finger and wrist strain when using mobile devices for long periods of time.

- Durable Construction. Custom tough covers and cases can truly stand the test of time and last for however long users need them to until it's time to upgrade to the latest device.

For companies, schools and organizations that invest in custom tough cases and covers, these protective solutions offer many benefits as well, including:

- High Perceived Value. The advanced protection provided by custom tough covers and cases makes them seem very valuable to users, even though they can be purchased rather affordably from Custom Logo Cases. Our bulk pricing, free logo optimization, free pricing and free worldwide shipping keeps costs to an absolute minimum.

- Maximum Protection for Investments. If you're purchasing cases for company or school-owned devices, you can be certain that your property will be completely protected when you choose custom tough covers and cases.

- Appeal for Certain Target Markets. Marketing to people who lead active lifestyles or who are involved with construction or industrial work? Custom tough cases and covers appeal to these individuals due to their durability, making them great for giveaways.

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